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* eARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

I have a love/hate relationship with this book since day 1. The reasons as follow: a) I didn't read the synopsis of this book until after I requested it, so I was excepting a whole different story; b) I vehemently disliked Charming as a character; c) Frankie kind of annoyed me in the last novel, so I didn't really see her as a heroine.

In the first few chapters I felt like I was getting up close and personal with a meat grinder. I just couldn't see the logic in Frankie's schemes to derail Charming. After the end of Piper's story Frankie shouldn't even have had any contact with Charming, so I don't see why she makes it her life's goal to get all up in his business.

I also noticed that, in the beginning, Charming couldn't decide whether to fall for her or ruff handle her. It was like one moment he was kissing her and the next "Get the -beep- out of my business woman". I totally hated his ego/arrogance in the first few chapters. Just because he's hot doesn't mean every woman is going to throw herself at him. Please, dude.

If I were to compare this story to book 1, I would say it's a huge improvement. I liked how in this novel the reader actually got some action (and it wasn't the exploding kind *wink wink*) and that the anti-hero actually had a complex background story that sounded believable and not used in all novels ever published.

From that point on, the story got better fairly quickly. Frankie and Charming got some relationship development and everything fell into place. The impossible became possible in the end, which is a turnaround, since book 1 didn't get a happy ending. I didn't predict the ending, which was a great surprise, since I thought they were all going the h*** in a hand basket.

P.S. The covers are magnificent!

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