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Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2) - Abbi Glines Originally posted at:
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This is one of those books that I'm sorry I read. I am a huge fan of Abbi Glines and in my opinion this isn't one of her best books. I didn't agree with the actions taken by the characters and that just maid the story drag on and on. I didn't understand the why's behind Marcus's actions because they didn't match up with his presented personality.

Let's start with Willow (AKA Low). She's the abandoned girl with an evil home wrecker of a sister who doesn't really care about her at all. She's also used to being pushed aside just for being her and has trust issues with anyone who isn't Cage. She's makes a miraculous exception for Marcus and gets her heart broken again and again. I was starting to get sick of that by chapter 15. She's such a push over when it comes to Marcus and her sister, that it's pitiful. I wouldn't have accepted him back if I were in her shoes. I'd deal and move the beep on.

Before this book I thought Marcus was just an immature kid with really nice manners. This novel does show a different side to him, that in the beginning I actually liked. Then came the family problems, which him being rich and somewhat sheltered, really did a number on him and his relationship with Low. Up to that point I understand his reactions, but it stops there. After he repeatedly gets drunk, almost does the nasty with a girl on the dance floor and drops his online courses because of his family problems I think he want too far. Just because he's got problems doesn't mean his life is over. Being the nice, sweet, thoughtful guy that he SEEMS to be, he should just take the high road and deal, not hide behind getting drunk. There are people with worse problems then his family. The most surprising action on his part that goes totally against the character we were presented was that he didn't stop and listen to what Low had to explain. When that happened I just started think he was bipolar or something.

Favorite Quotes:

"He's all sweet and possessive. It's adorable and slightly nauseating".

"What to see if I'm bluffing? Please, by all means, take a wing at me. You start it and I'll finish it".

"You're smart, Low. Do something with that".