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Nocturnal Predators Reviews
OMG!!!! This was sooooo good!!! I'm speechless!!!!

& Yes I am fangirling!!!

I was expecting Mrs. Armentrout to do as any other bestselling author would do, which is make the readers suffer through the whole book in anxiety while she writes a whole book on what happens after the cliffhanger and only unite the couple on the last chapter. So basically I was expecting a huge filler. Boy am I happy I was wrong for once in my life!

The story got going from chapter one and continued to be action packed and full of surprises until the last chapter (which sets up the story line for book 5). I felt like I didn't know where to pay attention in this story since every time I thought "Oh this is getting boring, lets move on", the author went and swept the rug from under me. I was always on the edge of my seat trying to use my telepathy to see into the future events of this story because it was just THAT good. P.S. It didn't work....=/

I loved Daemon's wise cracks this time around and Kat was just fantastic handling everything that was thrown at her. Dawson and Beth were so cute together and Dee was her awesome and bubbly self. A new secondary character got introduced and I'm hoping I'm reading the future when I say Dee S2 Archer xD.

I did guess a few events during the story. It wasn't that predictable, but I was paying so close attention to detail and reading so fast (which is odd for me) that when the mystery finally got solved I was like "I've guessed that already. Ah man, I just ruined the story for me...Stop over thinking the story....URGH".

The title totally makes sense now that I've read the book, exactly like all the other titles in the other books in this series does. I found it incredibly endearing that Mrs. Armentrout got permission to use the names of the two main characters in the Sweet Evil series (which is one of my top 10 favorites, right along with the Lux series, of course).

Favorite Quotes:

"You say tortured; I say motivated".

"I felt like I'd fallen through the rabbit hole and woken up in an X-Men comic".

"We'll all do crazy s*** to protect the ones we love".