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Must Love Fangs - Jessica Sims Originally posted at:
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I've loved this series ever since I discovered book 1 (Beauty Dates the Beast). My favorite book until today is Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter.This book wasn't as good as Book 2, but it wasn't bad either. Let's just say it was average.

I got pissy with Marie so since the beginning I wasn't the into what she was doing. I understand that she was dying and that she would go to extremes to have that not happen, but she had a perfectly good guy wanting to turn her and she chose to run off on a chance that the other guy would do it instead. Up to the point in the story I just gave up rooting for them as a couple. She was just so hard headed and that did nothing to add to the story.

I love Josh. Why you ask? Well he's the ultimate playboy turned commitment guy. He was sweet, caring, attentive and not over possessive. He had everything going or him and he just had to choose Marie...URGH. I am not a fan of her.

I had one other issue with the storyline. I understand that turning a human was (until this book) "illegal" and "wrong". So why is it that the first couple who did it, got an example made out of them and Josh and Marie got a simple pat on the back because of a miraculous decision and voting of the "board"? I know their main characters and all, but that just made the story even more unbelievable. Sure, it's fiction, but it doesn't have to be so out-of-this-world that the characters have to rely on luck and chance of events.

Favorite Quotes:

"I have a date tonight. I thought you were going to be my wingman. And by wing man, I mean hover unseen like an over-protective older brother".

"Don't worry, I'm house trained".

"Life wasn't about being alone so that no one would get hurt. It was about loving the ones you had, while you had them".