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Breathe Into Me - Amanda  Stone Originally posted at:
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This was an average read, but it could have been way better. I had a problem with most of the characters and their reactions to everything. Jessi and Landon were the only 2 that were borderline "normal".

Kane was amazing (physically speaking, he had tattoo sleeves, and a little more on his chest).Also this quote expresses what I'm feeling as well:

"(...)Kane with his tattoos, piercing, biker boots and- from what I had seen so far- monotone wardrobe(...)"

I had a huge problem with how he would speak sometimes, though. It seemed like he would speak as if he were reading a poem. He would go on and on about how special she is, how he can't live without her and blah blah blah. Well, guess what, men don't speak like that and as much as some would wish it, I don't. It also became annoying how he would let Kelsey step all over him towards the end.

Kelsey started out like a nice character, but ended up an over reacting b*tch. The thing that I found strange was that
...even after she described Katie pulling Kane down for a kiss (not the other way around) she still put Kane at fault. Well couldn't you have hung around for, I don't know, maybe a few more SECONDS to see him pushing Katie away?!

*Spoiler questions:
-How did making Nate a psycho/kidnapper add to the plot line? & Why kill him? This could have been a wicked series, had it been organized properly.
-How did Kesley's father get to the warehouse before Nate and Kesley got there? Is he a mind reader?
-How did Kane, after getting the bad news from Jessi, just guess where Nate was taking Kesley? I understand that that warehouse was a party spot, but Nate's dad is rich and probably has a bunch of warehouses. Why that one in particular?
That just annoyed me on so many levels. Even after he wanted to explain what happened she wouldn't listen and would cry like a baby. Well if you don't want to listen you deserve your misery.

Jessi & Landon and Maw & Paw were two of the best couples this book has to offer. Both relationships were so cute and sappy and happy (Great, now I'm rhyming. What's next pigs flying?). I just loved them and let's leave it at that. C;

One other HUGE problem I had when reading this novel: the author chose to add action/suspense in the last two chapters. I mean, REALLY? Instead of cramming all the unnecessary action there, why not build it from chapter one and have the book end with a "BOOM!"? The worst part of it all was that, as fast as it began, it ended. I got whiplash in the last few pages. It was like BOOM: Story over.

P.S. Who paid for the girls' tattoos? Or were they free?....My brain hurts.

Favorite Quotes:

*First time for everything: No favorite quotes for this book.