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Patch Up - Stephanie Witter Originally posted at:
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* ARC provided by the author in exchange of a honest.

I was so excited to receive this ARC! When I say excited, it's the understatement of the year! It's so fulfilling to receive an ARC of a book you want to read. It's nice to have a chance at something you want so badly.

On with the Review:

One subject that gets my panties in a twist is abusive relationships or abusive anything for that matter. On that note, I started this book with that in mind since I tend to get angry at the novel because of how the matter is treated. I was pleasantly surprised by how the events in this novel turned out.

I loved Duke. He's got that tortured soul thing going on and that's just hot. For me to thoroughly describe him I have to use a quote from the book:

"He's got the perfect bad-boy look going on without the bad attitude."

Nuff said sista.

Skye. I felt really bad for her. In the beginning, it was annoying to read on and on about how she hides it so well, her "shield" protects her and how she would NEVER, EVER tell her parents since they like her ex's parents so much. Well honey, I've got news for you: Your parents aren't the ones who would have to live with him and deal with him every hour of every day. It's YOU. It shouldn't matter what parents think about the others parents, what matters is you being happy. Not them.

BUT, that turned around. It didn't happen magically from one page to the other. Duke and Kate played a vital role in everything. It was really sweet to watch her come out of her shell and realize that there are people who care about her well being and that truly want to help her.

Sean. I wanted to murder him since page 1. From what I read in the book Sean has a "dark" background as well. Earth to Sean: Just because you had/have a hard home life doesn't mean you have the right to make other people your property and abuse them as well. Theoretically speaking, in my opinion, if you have a hard home life you would try and get away from that by finding a meaningful relationship with someone who cares for you. In Sean's mind apparently if his life is hard, then he has to make someone else's life the same h*** he's had.

The only con I will point out in this book is the hot and cold thing that went on with Skye and Duke. It was over the top. After one fight, Duke would leave and ignore Skye for days/weeks. After they get back together, another fight breaks out and Skye leaves. It went back and forth like that for chapters and more chapters. I was getting whiplash by chapter 10.

Favorite Quotes:

"He may be a better actor than I am, but one broken person can always recognize another one."

"I love you, Skye. You're in my heart, in my head, under my skin. You're my present and my future."

"I almost killed you in front of your parents. Talk about first impression."