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Audio Book Review: Sin & Magic (Demigod of San Francisco #2) By K. F. Breene

Sin & Magic (Demigod of San Francisco #2) - K.F. Breene


This novel started off good but by the middle it started dragging on. There's only so much a secondary character can do to keep me interested in the story. If it wasn't for the narrator this novel would have probably ended as my first DNF of 2019.


Alexis has a great sense of humor, but what came off as an ability to drive people in circles and make them believe things were moving in the right direction turned into being dragged along into dangerous situations and solving things by pure chance and coincidence. I also hate how "untrained" she is but everything comes to her SO easy or by pure chance. I also don't understand why she loses her ability to think like a rational human being when Kieran is around. It was cute in the beginning. We've moved past that by now. She's lost her shine and I don't know if I want to go through all this again in a future book for this series.

Kieran was something in this novel alright. I don't get the appeal to him. He's domineering, controlling and expects everyone to jump when he says jump. I also remember (from the audio book) towards the end that he says something along the lines of hearing the word no from Alexis only excites him farther. That's not a sentence I ever want to hear from anyone, ever.


Daisy was the bright star in this novel! I want to read about her story, without having to deal with Alexis and Kieran. Mordecai didn't play a huge part in the book but I would also love to get his story sometime in the future. Heck, I'll even take reading about Kieran's Six and how they eventually get their happy endings. Alexis and Kieran just aren't doing it for me.


Overall, I'm not sure I want to know more about this series. The world the author created feels huge and intricate but the characters aren't helping keep me invested in it. 


The Audio Book:


The audio book narration was great! I could differentiate all the characters and didn't get lost in any dialogue. It was overall relaxing and probably one of the reasons I finished reading this novel in the first place.