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Audio Book Review: Dark Arts And A Daiquiri (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #2) By Annette Marie

Dark Arts and a Daiquiri - Annette Marie


This series has proven itself to be amazing! I love how the stories are set up and span a full book with no cliffhanger at the end. The writing and pacing are great! Books by Annette Marie just keep getting better and better with every new release.


I love Tori's sense of humor and how sassy she is even in inappropriate moments. The backbone she's sporting makes her one heck of an interesting character as well. All that being said, I also have soft spot for her. Especially now after learning a little more about her past in this book. I will admit that Tori made a lot of idiotic and life endangering decisions on a whim in this story but it didn't feel out of character for her (as strange as that may sound coming from someone who abhors dumb decisions main characters seem to love to make). 


I'm having trouble telling the three mages apart. The only one I automatically think of is Erza and that's because I'm rooting for him to somehow have a permanent thing with Tori. It's looking like a long shot if you're only considering this novel but I'm still hopeful... to a degree.


Is it bad that I kind of want a side story/spin-off series/novella on Ghost and his possibility at a happy ending? He's won me over enough that I want to get to know him when he's in his element and with someone he trusts.


Even though I rated this book 5 stars I will say I missed the little bit of romance, that the first book in this series had, in this one. I'm a lover of the romance genre at heart so even though I understand this is an urban fantasy novel I still wanted more development in that department. I can also admit that the overall adventure was awesome!


The Audio Book:


The narration was great! I could tell all the character's apart even when 3 or more were in a conversation. I also wasn't getting lost or confused in any part of the novel due to the narration.