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Audio Book Review: Three Mages And A Margarita By Annette Marie

Three Mages and a Margarita  - Annette Marie


Annette Marie has done it again! This was a fantastic start to what I can already tell is going to be an amazing series! I love how detail oriented the universe's she creates are. The narration and pace to the story were great and has left me wanting more.


Tori was a fascinating character to get to know. She has quite a temper and refuses to take anyone's crap. Those personality traits don't make it easy for her to keep a job until sheer luck and coincidence make an appearance. I liked seeing her relationship with the guys evolve and how the other patrons went from hostile to reluctantly respectful towards her.


If I'm honest I had a hard time telling the guys (Kai, Aaron, and Ezra) apart during the story. They didn't make a big enough of an impression on me, in the beginning, to make it easier to differentiate them throughout the story. Though by the end I can say that even though I like Aaron, I'm definitely on team Ezra.


The ending surprised me because, for a second there, I was sure this was going to end in a cliffhanger. I'm SO glad that it didn't. I'm excited for the next book now more than ever! 


The Audio Book:


Cris did an awesome job with the narration! She has a good range of female and male voices. I didn't get lost in conversations trying to guess which character was speaking.