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Book Review: Adultolescence By Gabbie Hanna

Adultolescence - Gabbie Hanna


This is the first poetry book I've ever picked up by choice and it's about what I expected it to be. This book doesn't take itself seriously in most of the poems. It features a dark and sarcastic type of humor (in a few poems) and has a few gems in that department. 

I enjoy the dramatic and overly expressive stories Gabbie posts on her youtube channel, so I wasn't expecting this novel to be a masterpiece of timeless poems to be appreciated and treasured throughout history. This was a fun, fluffy and at times dark book, all the while bringing attention to bullying and a few other issues throughout the novel.

Favorite Poetry Lines:

"My art form is heartache peppered with delusions of grandeur"

"I'm the cockiest most insecure confident self-conscience self-assured anxious proud self-loathing person I know."