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Book Review: Security Breach By Evan Grace

Security Breach - Evan Grace


This was an overall good story, but it got off to a rocky start for me. For the first few chapters, I felt like I was missing a chunk of backstory for certain details to make sense. After everything was cleared up, the story moved at a steady pace. The writing style was great and pulled me into the story.


If you follow my reviews you'll know that I'm not a big fan of children and pregnancies in novels. I picked this novel up willingly because there are exceptions to every "rule". Surprisingly that detail didn't bother me because I knew what I was walking into. Though I can't say I particularly liked the heroine. She started off like an interesting character who had just enough past issues to be believable, but her level of impulsive decisions after something crucial would happen ruined everything for me. I'd like to point out how pregnancy hormones can't be blamed for her impulsive decisions. I can understand to a degree, but not to the degree that was represented in the book.


Reese was surprisingly standup guy. I loved how he dealt with knowing he had gotten her pregnant. He took responsibility for his actions as soon as he found out and was willing to do everything to participate in the child's life while helping her out in the meantime. He acted like a responsible adult should act and for that, he earned my respect. The age difference plays a small part in the relationship and it didn't bother me from the beginning. They were both consenting adults who were taking responsibility for their actions.


The conclusion to the mystery was dull. According to my notes, I predicted who the culprit was within the first 6 chapters of the book. The motivation for the whole situation proved to be really dumb and concluded way too easily. I'd also like to point out how gullible and naive the heroine proved to be. Who in their right mind (pregnancy aside), accepts an open drink that you never ordered/expected from a stranger while knowing someone is out to get you? With the way the world is, isn't this common sense by now?