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Book Review: Bad Blood Bear (Bad Blood Shifters #1) By Anastasia Wilde

Bad Blood Bear - Anastasia Wilde


* Beware of minor spoilers for this book in this review.


This had a nice overall story, but a few things threw me off. I liked all the characters to a certain degree, but none were memorable enough to make me want to read the other books in this series with their individual stories.


The heroine (Lissa) was kind of strange, in a bad way. She had weird and unrealistic phrasing for things that shouldn't have been brought up in the first place. She also managed to justify her "episodes" as having a tapeworm. Fun fact: tapeworms cause a variety of symptoms but delusions and extreme hunger for rare meat aren't one of them.


The hero (Tank) almost won me over after his stalkerish but well-intentioned actions and then the author threw a wrench into everything. It's mentioned that he's had a true mate before everything happened but she's ultimately nullified because he miraculously also finds a true mate in Lissa. Seriously, what are the odds? ...


Another thing that bothered me is the lack of secret keeping between the "pack" members. They've been through a lot and most have pasts that they won't open up about. Why is it when one person lets another one in on a personal tidbit from their past it, all of a sudden, becomes public knowledge? 


The ending was better than I expected after all the things that annoyed me within this story. A few parts were rushed and based on a big coincidence or two. Overall, it was a solid end for the Brother Damien and Lissa plot point. As ranty and annoyed as this review turned out this was a nice book. If you can overlook what I mentioned in this review then this could even turn out to be an amazing book for you, but it wasn't for me.


Favorite Quotes:


"I'm perfectly aware that life sucks and it's not pretty. You make the best of it. You fight. Or you crawl into a bottle or a syringe and die."

"You survived. You never stopped believing you mattered, that you were entitled to happiness. No matter how little you had [...]."