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Audio Book Review: Wicked (A Wicked Saga #1) By Jennifer Armentrout

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout


This story was way too easily predictable. I guessed the finale plot twist less than halfway through the story. That does not an interesting book make. A few years ago Jennifer Armentrout used to be on my auto-buy list. I can't say that about her in the present. I've tried reading the past few novels she's released and most end up as a DNF.


The heroine (Ivy) was so bland. She had this air of bad*ssness that surrounded her, but she was an open tomb when it came to world-ending secrets to her so-called BFF. She would constantly put herself in dumb and dangerous situations even after being explicitly told not to. If all that was for the sake of moving a plotline along, I'm sorry but I'm not impressed.


Ren was a nice guy overall. He was sweet and caring despite having gone through a traumatic childhood. At times I found myself thinking that he was tooth decay sweet and that only made me distance myself from the story.


I still don't understand what "integral" part Tink plays in this story. It's alluded to that he "knows more than he's letting on", but he only discloses small tidbits after the fact. If he's this well of information why the heck doesn't he bring it up before someone almost dies?


My exceptionally high expectations of this author lead me astray for this novel. It's a nice overall story that ended on a dreaded cliffhanger that I wouldn't necessarily recommend, but I also wouldn't dissuade someone who wanted to read it. In conclusion, this novel, in particular, wasn't for me.