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Book Review: Alluring Raven (Curse of the Vampire Queen #3) by Jessica Sorensen

Alluring Raven - Jessica Sorensen


I've loved the past two books in this series, but this one felt more like a filler than anything else. The story only started to move along and get interesting by the last 5 or so chapters. This novel also ended, once again, in a cliffhanger. I felt cheated, to a degree, because there were only more problems presented for the main characters. When things finally started to maybe get resolved the novel ended.


Raven was the ultimate damsel in distress in this novel in particular. It was illness after bad luck after bad coincidence for her with no end in sight. I understand that she didn't have control of what was happening to her (which is also how this series started in the first place), but it got old very fast.


Rhyland and Kinsley were nice characters. They help Raven when things go wrong (because they always go wrong). They can't reveal any pertinent information because of the curse, which means they get to leave Raven guessing at what happened in the past and how she can right things once again.


Overall, this wasn't the best novel in this series. I would have been happier with this as a novella to move the story from points A to B faster. The characters were mostly in their heads for this entire novel with a tidbit or two of important information thrown in here and there with no explanation. Even after all this, I'm still looking forward to the next novel in this series because it left me with too many questions and no answers.


My Favorite Quotes:


"Darkness lies where most believe there is light."


"Because you need to learn that with everything you see, there is a price [...]."


"Maybe it's time. Time to let go of the past, move on from the distrust, and focus on the future."