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Audio Book Review: The Gift (Mageri #5.5) By Dannika Dark

The Gift - Dannika Dark


Now that I've had a few months to forget my dislike of certain aspects of this series I can say that I enjoyed this novella very much. My dislike was mostly directed towards Logan and Silver and the situations they'd get themselves in. All the other characters were very likable and entertaining.


I like how this novella was set up to give a glimpse into the lives of so many of the characters. This story has me invested in a happy ending for Logan's brothers and Finn. If only writing books was a fast, painless and easy process.


Silver and Logan's happily ever after was cute and that's coming from someone that doesn't necessarily like kids in the books she reads. There are exceptions to every rule and this novella turned out to be one of them. Though I wish I had read this authors books in the order that makes little tidbits in the story more visible to me because, if I'm going off of what happened in the end of this novella, I missed a lot.


In conclusion, the family dynamic in this series is amazing. I love how this story and its characters are accepting of others that aren't like them. Their group accepts that love is love, regardless of species, gender, and ethnicity. No one should be ostracized for showing their true selves and being outside of what everyone considers the "norm". It's a beautiful message that deserves recognition!


The Audio Book:



This narrator's voice has grown on me over the course of this series and a few other books. I love her range in accents and believable male and female voices. She's made me look forward to many other audio books when I see her name mentioned as the narrator. Her narration was awesome in this novella!