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Audio Book Review: My Blood Approves (My Blood Approves #1) By Amanda Hocking

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking


* This is a review of the audio book that was released in 2011. All the physical novels in this series have recently been updated. I don't believe the audio book narration has. Please keep that in mind while reading this review.


This book has not aged well and my younger self is very disappointed. I've also realized how my tastes in books have changed. I used to love eating up these superficial vampire stories. The difference is that now I know there are much better novels available to me.


It's a shame I had to start this series over a few years later for me to see an ending to it. I read this series when it was first releasing (2010). This book got involved in a bit of drama when it came to the conclusion of the series. Readers were, unfortunately, sending hateful emails to the author because they didn't agree with the direction she was taking the love triangle in, so the author ended up not concluding the series at the time. The last book in this series has finally been released. That's what spurred me into rereading this.


This time around I found myself on the complete opposite side of the love triangle. Then again, I couldn't care less about the heroine, but if I HAD to pick a side it'd be Jack. Jack is an all-around nice and geeky guy. He loves cracking jokes and rolls with the punches life seems to love to throw at him.


Peter is such a brooding and over the top *ss. I don't know what I once saw in him.  He's controlling and seems to think he's an exception to every rule. I wouldn't want him next to me even if you paid me.


I had so many problems with Alice. She's a doormat, hates school and seems to be suicidal. I strongly believe in getting an education. She's so dense that it took Jack saying what he was to her face even after she had all the clues to figure it out herself. I wouldn't have minded what happened if this book were about obscure mythology that isn't a huge part of pop culture, but she had no excuses for not guessing vampire first. I also don't understand why her life, all of a sudden, revolves around this family. No one in their right mind would go over to someone's house for 3 weeks straight and not think to themselves "Maybe I'm imposing myself into their lives a little bit too much."


I'm aware that I'm being hyper-critical of this novel. That's due to the fact that I'm disappointed that even nostalgia couldn't make me overlook what I think are factors that could be improved on. At this point, I'm tempted to just skip to the last book, but I have barely any recollection of this series beyond the first book.


The Audio Book:


I only picked this up as an audio book because it was convenient for me (I was suffering from the common cold with allergies and blurry vision at the time of reading this book). Though this passed the time, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. There was barely any difference between male and female voices. I will say that the narrator's voice was very relaxing though.