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Book Review: Blood Fury (Black Dagger Legacy #3) By J.R. Ward

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward


This was the first book by this author that I read without skimming in years. If you visit my review of the last two books in this series you'll recognize the theme of me asking: "Why couldn't this be just one story". Though I still wish that each character had their individual books I loved these stories in particular. All the breaks in-between were stress inducing and harsh, though everything tied beautifully in the end.


Novo was such an exciting character to get to know because she's always been mysterious and closed off in past stories. I like how she does things and deals with things in her own way. She doesn't need anyone but welcomes Peyton in anyway. 


Peyton proved to be a good person throughout the story. It's sad that it took that horrific accident in the field to make him realize that who he "needed/wanted" wasn't Paradise after all. I liked seeing him evolve and I would love a side story about him and Novo a few books from now.


Saxton and Ruhn was such an adorable couple. I liked the continued respect they had in their peer groups before and after they became a couple. Though it was the second main storyline in this novel I was very invested in their happy ending. Ruhn reminded me of Zsadist in a few ways and made me root for him even more. The almost end had me on the edge of my seat hoping the author wouldn't do to Ruhn what she did to Doc Jane (V's shellan), which to be honest, I hated.


The ending was amazing for quite of few characters and showcased Oskar's inability to act and say no to something he clearly didn't want. I don't feel any sympathy for him because of what he did to Novo. I don't want to see a happy ending for him. Though I would adore another novel in this series featuring Romina or someone else from this new group of fighters!


My Favorite Quotes:



"Truth, like trust, had to be earned."


"Life, after all, was so much more than nostalgia e regrets."


"In order to move forward, you had to let the past go - and sometimes that meant mental shifts that happened on the inside [...]."