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Audio Book Review: Ryker (Kings of Korruption MC #1) By Geri Glenn

Ryker - Geri Glenn


Something seemed off about this story/book and I can't quite put my finger on it. I never connected emotionally with the characters and I didn't see the chemistry that Ryker and Charlotte had. Throughout the story, it felt like the story was told at me instead of me being present while everything happened.


I liked Charlotte as a character. She had a backbone and stood up for what she thought was right. I understood her protective nature towards her sister, but I don't think what her sister did to her ever really sunk in. Had I been in her shoes, I would never want to see her again. I'm stubborn, I'm happy to admit to it.


I don't know how I feel towards Ryker. He had this hot and cold thing going on with Charlotte and it got annoying after the first time. I can understand he had to work everything out in his head to let Charlotte in, but he doesn't get the right to play with her feelings during that period of time.


The ending was predictable. It was made even more obvious when Charlotte decided to run away (why has this been a theme in the books I've been reading lately?). I was so disconnected from the characters by that point that I found myself thinking "everything that happens to you after this point is your own damned fault". It's cruel and a punishment no one deserves, but my head just wasn't in the story anymore.


The Audio Book:


This is one of the few times I'm probably going to say this, but I loved Roger's narration. His voices were very relaxing and I liked how he made an effort to make the female voices more high pitched and less gruff than his own. Jayne's narration was nice as well. I could always tell the character's apart from both narrators intonations.