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Book Review: Hart Of Hers By Annie Arcane

Hart of Hers - Annie Arcane


I'm disappointed with how this novel turned out. I was expecting so much more. My expectations were apparently too high and I've been let down. I think this had the potential to be a full length novel because of the blackmail plot point that was brought up towards the end. I would have liked for the author to elaborate on it and make it a more cohesive part of the story (with a certain degree of drama).


Mickey is a wonderful character. She's stubborn, feisty and does what she can to protect Cale. Though it sometimes ends up biting her in the *ss, she still has his back. I don't understand, though, why she kept the blackmail from Cale until it exploded in his face.


Cale is a sweet heart. He has his "alpha" moments, but he's overall caring, bullheaded and protective of Mickey. He'll do whatever is in his power to protect her and that's what I most admire about him.


On a completely different note, I wish the author would start to situate the reader in certain scenes. There were scenes that would be half a page long and would leave me confused because I wouldn't know who was talking to whom and where they were until after the fact. So it wouldn't mean anything to the story in my head until much later when context was finally added by the characters in a completely different conversation. Overall, I'm disappointed in this book but I would still give the next book in this series a chance. I like the characters and I'm invested enough to want them to get a happy ending.


My Favorite Quotes:


"I could empathize with movie villains. I could understand the temptation. The willingness to shut everything down in a split second with no hesitation and zero remorse [...]."


"Sneaking suspicions aren't natural to me. Exit strategies have always been my forte."


"And you know what they say about lies, right? They always surface. They always catch up with you. They always come out in the end."