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Book Review: Steel & Stone: Companion Collection By Annette Marie

Steel & Stone Companion Collection (Steel & Stone Book 6) - Annette Marie


This companion novel made the series that much better! I loved every single story, but Lyre has found a special place in my heart. I enjoyed seeing the same situations from a perspective that wasn't Piper. I like Piper, but being in Lyre or Ash's head is much more interesting considering they've been alive for centuries (it seems) and are much more knowledgeable in everything than Piper is.


If you couldn't tell by now, I adored being in Lyre's head. Annette Marie did this character justice with her writing and I'm so happy for that! Lyre proved to be just as secretive and intriguing as I was expecting him to be. I'm officially hyped for his prequel series.


Looking from Piper's eyes I assumed Ash would have complicated and tumultuous thoughts. From the stories from his point of view, he came off as nonchalant. It almost felt like a calm before the storm. It was interesting but not as interesting as Lyre.


Overall this was a collection of interesting stories and makes an amazing companion to the original series. These stories gave me a much better understanding of Ash and Lyre which would make re-reading the Steel & Stone Series that much more fascinating.


My Favorite Quotes:


"Once, Ash had called Lyre an angel of death. Tonight, he would do the name justice.  "


"Incubi are lover's, but no woman's true love."


"The past lies in rest, its ghosts long slumbering, and I would not disturb them. Let us begin again."


Update (April 2018): 

The Audio Book:

I've never re-read a book in such a short period of time, but this one deserved it. This audio book made it a whole new experience. Though I'm not very fond of male narrators I learned to appreciate this narrator for this novel in particular. His voice wasn't too deep to the point where every female voice sounded like a high pitched imitation. His male voices were great, but he doesn't seem to have much range in those either. He was great for these short stories because there weren't all that many characters to voice. It was mostly internal monologues for different parts of the original book in another character's POV. Overall, this narrator was great for this novel.