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Book Review: Mistaken Identity By M.C. Jackson

Mistaken Identity - M.C. Jackson


I've been waiting for so long to have a book pull this twist and have me blind to it all. This is one of few books in the suspense genre that kept me intrigued throughout the story. This cover is kind of perfect for this novel for some reason.


Lena was a very confused character. When you consider her childhood it becomes painfully believable. Though I didn't understand why she kept up her "farce" for so long and why she didn't rush to read the journal she found. Other than that I liked her as a character. She kept the reader just as confused and pensive as she was. Though I did start getting angry at her for how far she was taking her farce with Jake before everything fell into place.


After getting the whole story I came to the conclusion that I like Jake. I don't agree with his methods and I think he could have handled everything a tad bit better. Overall he's a good guy who's doing everything in his power to "save" Anna.


I enjoyed this novel and the ending was sweet. I liked how she finally got the help she needed after everything she had gone through during her life. I also appreciated that she admitted that she wanted and needed help without being forced into it.


My Favorite Quotes:


"My issues ran so deep that all the therapy in the world wasn't going to help me.


"If there is one sure thing I've learned in my life, it's that people will never fail to disappoint you."


"It just proves that you never really know what people are capable of. Even when you think you know them."