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Audio Book Review: Pinky Promise By H.J. Bellus

Pinky Promise - H.J. Bellus


This book was such a let down because it started off so good. The beginning was so intense and heartbreaking, but half way into the audio book the story became more about drama and the relationship. The main couple didn't even seem to have anything in common because they never really talked beyond 'I love you's' and 'we are forever's'. They seemed to have no chemistry whatsoever and in the long run that became a turn off.


I didn't love Baylor. She had a few weird quirks that I could overlook. After State came back into her life it seemed like her life started revolving around him. It got old after they spent, what felt like, their 50th night together and she never mentioned going to her classes or her two jobs. 


State rubbed me the wrong way with all of his overreactions and anger management issues. I despised how Baylor had to hide things from him (various times during the novel) because she was scared of how he'd react toward other people after hearing her out. Tiptoeing around someone is never a sign of a healthy relationship.


When the ending finally rolled around I couldn't care less about the characters. Even after the tragedy that took place, it felt like I was listening to a soap opera because it was so over dramatic and cliché (right down to the boyfriend getting angry and wanting to punch hospital staff). To say the least, I was ready for this novel to be over.


The Audio Book:



I can't recommend this as an audio book either. The audio was very fuzzy (I should have listened to the preview on audible before buying it). It wasn't easy to disconcert who said what. I couldn't easily tell the difference between female and male character voices.