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Audio Book Review: Silver Flame (Vampire Girl #3) By Karpov Kinrade

Silver Flame (Vampire Girl) (Volume 3) - Karpov Kinrade


I was expecting so much more from this novel. The second book in this series has treachery and lies throughout the storyline and keeps you on your toes for the majority of the book. This book, unfortunately, doesn't follow that trend. It felt like a filler to extend this series into more books. What sealed the nail on the coffin in this book for me was the ending. That was a major turn off.


Arianna was boring this time around. She wasn't witty or smart about anything. There were times when she acted like a petulant child because she couldn't learn something that took most people years to master in 2 hours. 


Fenrus didn't feel like a part of the story anymore. He and Arianna are barely in proximity to each other during the whole novel. Nothing between them got progressed (if you don't count the somewhat irrational decision to finally sleep together after he had gone on and on about wanting to wait and take his time). It was one contradiction after the other.


I will most certainly be part of the unpopular opinion when it comes to judging if this book was worth it or not. I despised the ending and all the different character point of views (with the exception of Arianna and Fenrus). Instead of splitting up the story with different point of views it would have been better to get the characters to have a conversation about it when they finally met up. I dislike different point of views when it doesn't add anything important to the story.


The Audio Book:


The audio book was great. The narrations were very well executed and I could differentiate between characters for the majority of the time. Though I'm not a big fan of Joel Froomkin his voice has grown on me.