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Audio Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher


If you're reading this review and contemplating suicide please get help. Talk to a friend, parent or teacher. Life isn't as hard as we all make it out to be. Things can and will get better sooner or later. For more information please visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


This story made me feel so many emotions. It ranged from angry, to sadness and outrage throughout the novel. Being a teenager is already difficult enough, but when you add bullying and an already broken girl you're looking for trouble.


This was very hard to listen to in a few scenes. I didn't understand why she just stood around when her friend was passed out and had what happened happen to her. I didn't understand why she never tried to get help before the ending. It's very easy to tell someone to get help, but it's a whole other story when it's happening to you. It's difficult enough to open up to someone on a regular topic, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like talking about suicide.


That counselor played just as big of a role as the people in her class because of the bullying she dealt with during this novel. No counselor in his right mind would have let her slip out of that room after what was said. 


The end was tragic with a dash of hope. Clay couldn't have helped Hannah because she never asked him to, but now he can recognize the signs of someone that's in need of help and try his best to not let it get as far as Hannah did.


The Audio Book:



This was a very good audio book. The narrations were on point throughout the novel. It was an overall enjoyable experience.