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Audio Book Review: Angelbound By Christina Bauer

Angelbound - Christina Bauer


This was such a long winded novel. As much as I enjoyed it, I have quite a few negative things to say about it as a whole. This was a 14 hour audiobook. I believe this story could have been cut in half with less inner monologue, more flashbacks and less useless drama. Everything was happening in "real time" which made it so a scene that could last 2 minutes in a flashback actually lasted an hour because the character had to physically get there and back.


Maybe it's just me, but it also seemed like every female character with the exception of Myla, Prince Lincoln's mother (the queen) and the Angel Queen (she's not an actual queen, I just forget her name) seemed so ditzy and air headed. It started getting on my nerves by the fourth hour of the audiobook. It almost made me stop listening to this book altogether. 


I also despised all the high school drama. I still don't understand what that added to the overall plot line (which is still a very interesting concept). It made me roll my eyes SO much. What the heck kind of friend is Sissy anyway? I'd rather be by myself than call her a friend.


Myla was a very entertaining character. I liked her inner monologues for the most part. Her being a quasi-demon with a tale was awesome. She seemed to be intellectually superior to almost everyone because she didn't take anyone's crap. 


Prince Lincoln almost lost me in the beginning because he was so standoffish and a complete jerk. It also didn't help that it took seven hours into the audiobook for him to stop being said jerk and start to move the story along. After that Myla and him were a very cute couple.


The ending redeemed this story somewhat. It was fast paced and action packed. It's what I wish this story had felt like from the beginning. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer more straightforward stories with less fillers and drama. 


The Audio Book:



The narrating was good. I liked that the intonation changed to help me differentiate what was inner monologue and what was being said. I disliked the 'voices' for Myla's mother, Sissy and every supporting female character because as much as they were airheads the voices just made it all that much more unbelievable and incredibly annoying in the long term.