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Audio Book Review: Closer By Dannika Dark

Closer - Dannika Dark


I wish this was a full length book, instead of a novella. I enjoyed the story dynamic and the characters that much. This universe that the author created really intrigues me and I think I'm going to give the Mageri series a third try.


I liked Caroline, but she seemed to prefer to have comfort in her last moments than have Kane try and do something to help her. That just rubbed me the wrong way a few times. Other than that I enjoyed her feisty reactions and the long conversations she had with Kane. 


Kane had a very hard life and after doing what he did in the ally I was expecting him to be smarter about the way he treated the Caroline situation. Who in their right mind would let someone die considering that either way it played out he had to spend time in jail? Overall, I did like him and how he interacted with Caroline.


The ending was sweet, but it had me believing (if only for a moment) that things had gotten to rock bottom and it was staying that way. Thankfully everything worked out (to a degree) and everyone was somewhat happy. I would love to know more about this couple in a future novella or a full length novel.


The Audio Book:


The narrator was on point and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I adore the range of voices she had and how they seemed to come naturally. I hope to continue to enjoy books narrated by her.