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Book Review: Torch (Devil's Souls MC #1) By Leann Ashers

Torch - LeAnn Ashers


* This review got very ranty so be on the look out for spoilers.


This book read like an erotica novel and that made no sense to me considering this is categorized as 'romantic suspense' on Amazon. I'm a newbie to the genre, but the few books I've read in this category don't compare to this novel. I don't understand how this got categorized as suspense because there was nothing suspenseful or mysterious about it. Everyone had answers to almost everything and most times it resolved itself in 5 seconds or less.


I wish I could say this book was plot driven, but that would be a lie. Most times it didn't even seem like this book had a plot line. The few problems that would be brought up would get resolved five pages later.


The idea of having a blind heroine was incredible to me, but the overall story ruined that somewhat. It seemed like after she met Torch that her life just stopped. There was no real threat, but she moves in with him (he kind of "kidnapped" her) and doesn't mention her career ever again. I did enjoy the way the author wrote the novel with her being blind. It kept my imagination flowing until the end.


Torch was one of the characters I most liked in this novel. He was very caring and sweet toward Kayla, but anytime someone breathed too close to Kayla he would get angry and make them pee themselves. I understand he was this bad*ss guy, but after the second time he did that it got exaggerated and gross.


Spoilers Ahead


The ending felt too rushed and perfect. By that point everything except Kayla's vision had been resolved. She gets surgery done to correct her vision even though in the beginning she mentions that every doctor she's gone to has told her it's irreversible. I didn't like how the author basically gave away the future of the children as well. In my humble opinion, it would have been better to release tidbits and built hype for the following books in this series by teasing that part of the book and not giving it away completely.

End Of Spoilers


I do plan to give this series another chance because I did enjoy the author's writing style (though I wish she would use more contractions) and what little story was embedded in this novel. Though had I known that the synopsis meant that there were actually going to babies and pregnancies (and have it not just be a far off dream of the heroine, which was how I interpreted it) I would have passed on this story in particular.


My Favorite Quotes:


"You are more than what happened to you. You are more than all of it. Don't let it control your life, because that means he would be winning."


"Just because I have a disability doesn't mean I have to be treated as a lesser person."


"Family doesn't have to be blood; family consists of the people who would take a bullet for you and love you."