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Audio Book Review: Into The Fire (Night Prince #4) By Jeaniene Frost

Into the Fire - Jeaniene Frost


I had no expectations when I started this novel and that helped this book somewhat. Maybe it was me, but almost everyone (specially Vlad and Leila) came off as annoying and dramatic. The only saving grace was Ian's raunchy humor, but the author found a way to ruin that too.


I despised Leila this time around. All the secrets and the drama finally caught up to me and at one point I wished she would die just to get it over with. Her sister Gretchen was also very irritating and seemed to be there just to add more drama on top of everything. 


Vlad was still too domineering and I still don't understand why all the secrecy. He and Leila seemed to have no chemistry. I don't care enough about him as a character to bother getting angry. 


What got my emotions high was what happened to Ian. WTF was that about? He was one of the few characters that were actually entertaining in this book and he gets that for trying to help? 




This is a conspiracy theory of mine: I sincerely HOPE that Veritas isn't Lan's love interest in his story. I do intend to read Ian's story to see who he ends up with and how he stays alive.





The ending didn't do anything for me either. People died  and cliché things happened. Vlad and Leila were happy once more and everything was right in their precious little world while Ian suffers the consequences to Vlad's actions.


The Audio Book:



I adored the narrator. Tavia Gilbert is incredible. I loved her realistic screams and crying dialogue. This is the first audio book that I listened to that felt like I was almost listening to a movie because of how realistic everything seemed. She also had a large range of male voices which helped me differentiate who was talking without it being specified. Tavia Gilbert was this book's saving grace.