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Book Review: Chaos Unleashed (Chaos Rises #2) By Pippa DaCosta

Chaos Unleashed - Pippa DaCosta


This was such an amazing continuation to the first book in this series. I adored every torturous moment of anxiety this novel produced in me. Until the last 2 chapters this novel could have been renamed 'Uncertainty' due to all of the what-if's that were so present in the story.


Gem was fantastic and as headstrong as ever. Her inner turmoil is just as present in this novel as it was in the first novel. I'm so glad things started getting better for her by the end of this novel. 


I absolutely despise the plot twist that happened to Torrent. Can't Gem and him be happy together? That was just heart wrenching. I had to stop reading for a moment to compose myself enough to rationalize not throwing my iPad into the nearest hard surface. I love Torrent. He didn't deserve that, self sacrificing as it may be. 


I hate to say it, but that ending was suspiciously too close to a cliffhanger. The big bad villain of the story had been resolved, but there's still 25% of a problem. I need that figured out ASAP. On to a more positive note, we get a glimpse of a Veil Series character! It was exciting seeing them through Gem's eyes. 


P.S. Pride was incredible.


My Favorite Quotes:

"Being human isn't something you're born with. It's something you learn."

"I'd been looking for a home, but what if home wasn't a place? Maybe it was a person."

"You're so afraid of the lies around you that you don't see your own."