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Audio Book Review: You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost) By Felicia Day

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day


I will first admit that I only knew Felicia Day from the Youtube channel 'Geek & Sundry' and from a few very awesome 'Supernatural' episodes. As much as I would love to say that I'm also a gamer girl, I'm not. Way back in my childhood, I had friends who had PS2's (or XBox's, etc., etc.,) and when I played I was very bad. I recently discovered that I'd much rather watch someone play the game and actually move the story along, then be stuck on level 2 and have my stress level at an all time high.


Onto The Book:


After reading this novel I feel way more connected to Felicia as a person. I also wish I had a few of her childhood experiences because they would make such entertaining stories for the present day. I adored how eccentric she was raised. It's true what they say: 'Your experiences shape who you become'.


It's inspiring to know what lengths someone has gone to and what obstacles were put in his/her path to have the career we see today. It's never roses and daffodils all of the time. 


The second to last chapter was very heartbreaking. I didn't know that even existed in the gamer world. I've read up on what GamerGate actually is, which can be defined by Gawker as "participants believe they're fighting for video game journalism ethics and with protecting the 'gamer' identity". It began in 2014 and with everything that happens on the internet it also got misunderstood as hating women gamers apparently. Felicia Day had her personal information leaked all because she wrote a tumblr post asking for unity and tolerance in the gamer community. That's terrifying for anyone. Good thing it didn't keep her down!


The Audio Book:


I enjoyed Felicia's rendition of this audio book. I liked how she would start singing a few of the lines (that were meant to be sung) just to give the reader more accuracy and heighten the entertainment value. Her voice was very relaxing to me. I would recommend any and all books read by her.