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Book Review: Singe By Aly Martinez

Singe - Aly Martinez


This was an amazing book! It wasn't perfect by any means, but it made me realize that I need higher standards when considering books in the contemporary romance genre. This book had me up at 4 AM the first day I started reading it.


I liked Rhion to a degree. I enjoyed her eccentric personality and her witty retorts, but her word vomit in critical situations become annoying very quickly. Jude even mentions in the book that even though she's saying a lot, most times no information actually gets transmitted. 


Jude was amazing. He did have some jerk moments, but overall he was an awesome person who was suffering even more than Rhion because of one huge disaster. He also had a few very sweet moments and witty banter that made it impossible for me to hold the jerk moments over his head.


One other thing I didn't like was how loosely the word 'crazy' and 'insane' was thrown around when referring to women. The word crazy can be defined according to Google as "mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way". I don't understand how an eccentric personality and a few silly quirks can be summed up as the word crazy. From the context of it all I understand that it was used as a joke, but after the fifth time it was mentioned it ended up rubbing me the wrong way.


The ending seemed very rushed and resolved way too easily. It would have been better had it been lengthened into 3 or 4 chapters instead of making me anxious waiting for the other shoe to drop for 6 or 7 chapters after Jude and Rhion were together. 


In conclusion, this novel was fantastic. I can't wait for the next book in this series. From what I've read each book could be read as a 'standalone' because it'll feature a different character with minimal storyline intersection. I really want to read the stories for Aiden Johnson, Apollo (I usually hate 'villains', but he deserves a happy ending. Right?), Devon and Brianna.


My Favorite Quotes:


"(...) if life had taught me anything, it was that the easy part didn't exist for me."


"(...) you're living in the dungeons of what you could have done differently (...)."


"There comes a point where you have to stop beating yourself up for the mistakes you made and step into the reality of what actually happened."