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Book Review: Perfect Opposite By Zoya Tessi

Alex - Zoya Tessi


* This review and its rating is based solely on the 62% of the book that I read.

*This review is based on the novel that released in 2014 titled 'Perfect Opposite'.


This book came off as very childish. I can't believe I let myself get swindled by another review that stated this was a "new take" on the bodyguard and spoiled heirs storyline. I'd correct that by saying that this is a childish take on that type of storyline.


The heroine (Sasha) was the problem. She gets immature and starts slamming doors just because someone said something she didn't like. I don't think I've ever read the words "ran and slammed the door" as much as I did in this novel. I also didn't understand her hate of Alex. He's a guy of few words, but that doesn't main she should have thrown a tantrum because he was there to keep her safe.


I liked Alex. He seemed way more level headed and in control of what was happening than Sasha. I almost think it would have been better if Sasha had been killed off and he started narrating the story with a much more interesting and less childish view.


I still have no clue how this novel got categorized as 'New Adult' on Amazon. This is a very immature Young Adult at best. The 62% of this book that I read doesn't live up to the raving reviews that I read before picking this up.


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