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Book Review: Mine To Take By Cynthia Eden

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden


For a book in a genre I typically don't read this was surprisingly enjoyable. Which took me off guard because books in this genre usually don't capture my attention enough for me to finish reading the book. There are exceptions to every 'rule' and this was a nice surprise.


I liked Skye very much as a character. Though I kept waiting for her to develop a backbone, but it never happened. I disliked how everyone people told her the things she 'needed' to do even though she knew it wasn't possible she didn't speak up.


I didn't like Trace because he was way too domineering. It all worked out in the end because of his domineering-ness, but I still can't get over it. I don't find that particular personality trait a quality, specially at the level he was at. 


Overall it was an enjoyable read. What I will say is that the attacks on Skye seemed a little too good to be true because no one ever saw anything. I kept thinking to myself what if she's actually hallucinating everything or blacking out and doing it all herself. If you ask me, that would have been a much better plot twist.


My Favorite Quotes:

"There was a price for everything in this world."

"A lot can change over all those years. And a lot can stay the same."

"I've always wanted you to have your dreams. I wouldn't destroy them."