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Audio Book Review: Risk By Dannika Dark

Risk - Dannika Dark



I am so surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did. I've tried reading the Mageri Series and I couldn't even get through an hour of the audio book because it gave me a headache. I've read so many positive reviews and yet I still dread having to pick it up again. This book could possibly change my mind set.


I am such a big fan of Simon. I adored his witty humor and sexual innuendos. They were just the right amount of funny, but didn't come across as vulgar. I liked how he kept refusing to rush into a relationship and how he kept saying he isn't a hero. He's one of those characters that will stand out for a good while because, at least in the books I read, character's like this are rare gems to be found.


Ella was a very intriguing character and yet had me guessing for quite a while. I liked how the relationship (with the circumstances that were presented) never felt like insta-love. Both characters used their brains and rationalized everything which made it all the more realistic and entertaining to read/listen too.


The ending left something to be desired because it felt like the end of the adventure, but not the end of their story (if that makes any sense). The novel ended at what seems like a natural ending point, but I know there's a continuation to it all. THERE HAS TO BE. 


The Audio Book:



I loved, loved, loved the narration by Nicole Poole. Simons accent seemed so genuine to my ears and Ella's stonic level tone added so much to the story. I loved to see the voice range this narrator had with so many characters.