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Audio Book Review: City Of Shadows (London Fae #2) By Pippa DaCosta

City of Shadows: A London Fae Novel - Pippa DaCosta


Eventually came a lot sooner than I expected it to because I ended up adoring this book, but it didn't start out as smooth sailing. In the beginning I felt like Alina was grasping at straws to force a story. I eventually got over that and ended up listening to the audio book in small intervals. I got addicted by the seven hour mark and emotions just went haywire from there. 


As I mentioned above, Alina seemed to force a storyline because I never understood her obsession with Becky. I understand she wanted to help Andrews, but why go so far to save someone she didn't even know? Other than that I enjoyed her as a character. I also loved the Samuel twist the author threw in for good measure. It was fantastic how she had me and Alina fooled, and I had my heart in my hands by the end of the novel.


Reign was a complicated subject this time around. As much as I'd love to see him and Alina together, I know it isn't possible because of extenuating circumstances. He came off as the villain half of the time and the other half he was just nowhere to be seen. I found myself rooting against him most times and with that ending my guilt has exceeded regular levels. 


I still can't believe the author built Samuel up to what he was and tore out my heart in that manner. I remember now why I read books by this author. When I think I'm standing on a concrete floor, she slides the invisible rug I didn't know I was standing on right out from under me. 


This book left a big open and directionless ending and I really want to know what happens next. I need a plot twist to make it so Reign and Alina can be together. I hope that's next in Mrs. DaCosta's list of plot twists and possible outcomes.


The Audio Book:



The overall audio book was awesome, but to me, Nyx's british accent sounded irish and reminded me of Crowley's mother in the Supernatural tv show. I don't know why I made that connection, but it did take away from the story. Though I eventually did get over it, I would have liked her to have been portrayed differently.