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Audio Book Review: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter By Jessica Sims

Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter - Jill Myles, Jessica Sims



This novel is my favorite in this series. I don't understand how it went unreviewed for the last 3 years. I've reviewed most books and novellas in this series and yet my favorite one got left out for some reason.


I liked Sarah very much because of how strong she is even after the universe conspired against her for so long. It was also cute to find out at the end how Ramsey had always admired her from afar, even before they got 'stuck' together.


I adore Ramsey. He's one of my top 10 book boyfriends. Apparently I have a thing for big, buff, blondes who turn into a bear when it seems convenient. Other then that small revelation, I enjoyed how protective he was of Sarah and how understanding he was of the circumstances.


The ending was sheer luck, but it had me cringing so hard and I loved every second of it. Considering I listened to the audio book, I couldn't speed read through the end to find out what happened faster so I found myself respecting and liking Connor a little more. It got me curious as to what will happen between him and Savannah.