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Book Review: Neil By Sybil Bartel

Neil (The Uncompromising Series Book 2) - Sybil Bartel


* I received a free ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book made me stay up until three in the morning to finish it and I adored every minute of being a zombie for the next day. It's been awhile since I've come across a book that willingly made me stay up until the wee hours of the morning knowing I was going to regret it. This book did touch upon subjects I disagree with, but overall I really enjoyed the book.



I liked Ariel, but there were a lot of times that I questioned her judgement. I can't really go into detail, but I can say the following: her relationship with Jason (her child's father) seemed very toxic and she willingly let it happen again and again. I'd also like to mention the lack of a condom when she and Neil finally happened. She's barely keeping the fridge full and is behind on rent. Why would she risk another child with the way her financial situation is? Other than that, I liked her spunk and her witty retorts.


I have a love/hate relationship with Neil as a character. I liked when he become protective of Ariel and Connor and started to look out for them and help Ariel with groceries and with the sh*t her ex trudged up. His cold demeanor though and hot and cold answers really bothered me. At the end of the novel Ariel broke through his barriers and he did start showing some emotion, which helped my view of him a lot.


Though I don't understand how Ariel became fine with accepting Neil's money after she threw a hissyfit, in the beginning of the novel, when he wanted to give her money to pay her overdue rent. The ending was very sweet. I liked how this book was written and unlike in the first novel of this series I didn't feel lost. Though I would recommend an editor have another look at this because there were passages I had to reread a few times to understand what was being said.


My Favorite Quotes:

"Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."

"Courage is knowing what not to fear."

"[...] Respect is earned. Love is from the heart and I don't have to earn shit."