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Audio Book Review: Unleash The Storm (Steel & Stone #5) By Annette Marie

Unleash the Storm (Steel & Stone Book 5) - Marie Annette Brown

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I regret the day I went on Goodreads and mistakenly read spoilers of this novel. That action had a huge consequence: I dreaded the day I would have to read and finish this book to make my own conclusions. I really pushed myself through this book and I'm sad to say that it deserved a better ending. I abhor open ended endings because, even though it gives the author room to spin more stories, I don't get a concrete ending. I don't want to image what 'may' happen, I want the storyteller to tell me what actually happened so I can move on with my life.


This book felt like it was divided into two parts. The first part was what I dubbed as 'Mission Impossible' and the second part was 'Race To The Finish Line'. In the first half everything seemed to go wrong and most importantly I swore I was going to see a main character die and my blood was boiling. In the second half everything worked out in a matter of a few minutes (or pages if you didn't listen to the audio book). It bothered me with how easy everything became and how the answers would suddenly pop into Piper's head.


I adore Ash and respect what he went through. I love how optimistic he is when it comes to his relationship with Piper. I really hoped for a better and not so open ended ending. Piper is a different story because she would actively shoot down their relationship in her head and that started to get annoying when the book was almost over and she was still second guessing everything that happened.


The bright light in this novel was Lyre. I can't wait for the author to expand the Steel & Stone universe with stories about him. I want to know what he's been through and what secrets he's been hiding and maybe even a love interest (if I'm being optimistic). 


Conclusion: If it wasn't for that open ended ending this book would be rated 4 stars, but it's getting a star knocked off because of it.