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Audio Book Review: Ignited By Desni Dantone

Ignited - Desni Dantone


This book wasn't for me. The beginning was very interesting and I could stand the love triangle, but after about 3 hours of listening to the audio book I couldn't stand Kris's whining. I understand that the situation was hard and that a lot of things were hitting the metaphorical fan, but is it too much to ask to only be told what was going on instead of having to go through an hour of whining every time something went bad?


I also had a problem with Nathen. Before everything clicked into place I was on his side of the love triangle, but by the end of it all I had 'Twilight' flashbacks of Jacob and Renesmee and my stomach started churning. No offence to anyone who loves Twilight because I have read the books and it was that book series that got me into reading vampire and werewolf romances, but with all the books I've read since then I realize that there are much better books out there.


Alec was presented as a possible boyfriend, then suddenly he turns out to be an enemy, but he becomes a friend again by the end of it all... He was just all over the place and his motive, when asked why he was helping, was 'because I like you'. You're telling me that you'd risk your life for someone you met a week ago? How does that sound plausible?


So this review turned out to be a lot more ranting, than actual reviewing. To conclude, I can't recommend this book because of all the whining. Having said all that, I will probably start the next book out of pure curiosity because of the mild cliffhanger.