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Book Review: Vertical Lines (The Vert Series #1) By Kristen Kehoe

Vertical Lines (The Vert Series) (Volume 1) - Kristen Kehoe


What a sweet and well written book. I can't tell you exactly what I adored in this book, but I can tell you that I'm so glad I picked it up. The pacing of it all was fantastic and the character's are so very lovable.


Jordana (AKA Jordan) is used to being told what to do and how to act. She's supposed to be the perfect woman, with the perfect life and study for something her family approves of. After a dinner gone wrong she starts to rebel. Not in the sense of drugs and all that other nonsense. She meets a guy that makes her want to get out of the shell created by her mother and actually live like a college student should and have friends that like her for her and not for what she could represent to their future. I loved how she found her backbone and stuck to it during the entire novel.


I loved Brooklyn (AKA Brooks) until the last 3 chapters. As much as I understand where he was coming from, I just can't imagine I'd be OK with something like that, when I look at it from Jordan's point of view. He was awesome until that breaking point and, to me, he was never the same. One thing I liked right off the bat was his love of art (painting, drawing, photographing). Too bad he did what he did at the end.


This book also features a character who has the equivalent of body dysmorphia. Throughout the novel, you see how bad it gets and how everyone suffers right along with that person. At the end of the day it's something that's in their head and there's no amount of therapy and medication that will make it get better. It's a sad reality that only gets worse with the media's involvement. The acknowledgments from the author says something that's very true, "Be brave; be strong; be in love with yourself, first and foremost".


My Favorite Quotes:


"Remembering that beauty isn't one thing. It isn't one person. It's features, personalities, ideas, beliefs. It's confidence."


"Sometimes we need a reminder that life is easier than we think."


"I know well that dreaming can only give us what we want for so long before gravity drags us back down and forces us to live in the world we have created."