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Audio Book Review: Dragon Marked By Jaymin Eve

Dragon Marked - Jaymin Eve


This was an enjoyable and action packed book and I can't wait to pick up the next one (when it releases in audio format). I liked the concept of the plot and how it was introduced, but I will say this: I was SO lost and confused with the Compass' as characters because they were all introduced at the same time and I had a hard time getting them separated in my head.


I loved Jessa and her being an alpha just made her all that much more exciting. I disliked all of her impulsive and IDIOTIC decisions. I swear if I hear the words "no, don't think about him like that because we're just friends" I will hurt her. It's clear she feels something for Braxton and that he reciprocates the feelings so why deny it so vehemently? You know what 'they' say, "the best relationships start out as friendships".


I adored Braxton and how he treated Jessa. He's the big brute who would do anything protect Jessa because he and his brothers became her impromptu pack. The thing I didn't like was the amount of times he put himself in jeopardy to save or protect her. How about letting her learn from her idiotic mistakes for once?


Misha and Maximus were so cute and I am rooting for them to end up together by the end of this series. Deep down I know there's something fishy with Micha, but I can't put my finger on it just yet. I really hope I'm proven wrong with that prediction though.


Overall, I do plan on continuing on in this series. I hope future books don't feel so much like a 'Young Adult' book, considering this is categorized as 'Urban Fantasy'.