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Audio Book Review: Blue-Blooded Vamp (Sabina Kane #5) By Jaye Wells

Blue-Blooded Vamp - Jaye Wells


This book could have been better if it had been cut in half and edited down to a basic plotline. I had such a hard time getting through this book that it's not even laughable. I listened (to the audio book) to this book in 30 minute increments because anymore then that and I'd start dozing off. That's how interesting it was. Also consider that out of the seven hours and some minutes, almost 6 hours was a big filler with a lot of drama.


I like Sabina, but having to deal with all the drama and problems she has it's a miracle that she's even alive. Everything seems to transform itself into a dire problem that seems impossible to solve, but gets a miraculous resolution by the end of the book.


Adam served almost no purpose this time around and I'm still angry about what happened in the last book so I was rooting for his demise, but don't worry my wish didn't come true. Tristen was another character that I wanted gone, but I still feel he got a happy ending. He was such a pain to everyone and delayed so much of the story because of his idiotic skepticism. One more thing that bothered me was that Mac's happily ever after was nowhere to be found. 


The ending saved this book from a below average rating because it finally felt like something was accomplished by Team Awesome. I enjoyed Giguhl and his antics. I also liked how Sabina finally got to be respected by her peers. I'm so glad this series is over. Let Sabina and the gang rest.


The Audio Book:


My problem this time around was solely on the story. The audio book was awesome.