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Book Review: City Of Fae (London Fae #1) By Pippa Dacosta

City of Fae - Pippa DaCosta


My Review:


I can't describe to you how much I wanted to fall in love with this book and rage on and on about how absolutely perfect this was, but I can't. The overall story and concept was entertaining and original, but it didn't pull me in like the other books I've read by this author. I adored the 'The Veil' and 'Chaos Rising' series, but they don't even come close to this book.


I liked Alina as a character. She was smart and very inquisitive (which made her that much more likable in my eyes). Her 'out of body' experiences were interesting as well because she was just as lost as the reader as to the reasons behind it all. Though I do think her 'plans' need to be a little more strategic and organized to make it so it has as least a small chance at getting the desired outcome. 


I enjoyed Sovereign's antics. He made the story very exciting and witty. I wish he wasn't so forbidden for Alina because they seem to make an awesome couple. I heard that the next book will probably introduce a love triangle. I don't know if that makes me want to read the next book more or less.


The ending left a lot open as to what's going to happen next in Alina's journey and what will end up happening to the detective and Reign. I'm a very curious person, so I probably will end up picking up the next book....eventually.


My Favorite Quotes:


"[...] Fate's a b*tch that'll bite you whether your choices are right or wrong."


"We're not beautiful; we're not the things you think, [...] we are the monsters you secretly fear us to be."


"Fear is a terrible thing. It cripples, wrenches away all hope and buries the mind deep inside a place where instinct reigns."