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Audio Book Review: Silver-Tongued Devil (Sabina Kane #4) By Jaye Wells


This book should be renamed to "The Time Everyone Crucified Sabina For Past Sins". I was so angry with almost every character for making a storm in a half full cup of water. I worst one was Adam, and I'm sad to say this, but he lost my respect.


Sabina got it so bad this time around. She seems to always be at an impasse either with herself or with the people that say they 'love her for who she is' simultaneously trying to make her change just that (herself) 'for the better'. What I absolutely despised was Adam's reaction to her lie. I understand it was a horrible lie and that she should have told him as soon as they were officially together. I hated his reaction. They weren't together when this occurred. She thought he had left her to the wolves (or vampires in this case). Why was she expected to be 'loyal' to someone who, for lack of better words, abandoned her as soon as things became to hard to deal with?


I'd also like the ask what the heck was up with PW (Pussy Willow) and her attitude? Sabina didn't do anything and didn't deserve that treatment from her. Giguhl should have said something if it was THAT bad (which it wasn't, PW was just being dramatic). I disliked Orpheus and Tanith because they simply bestowed a position on Sabina after her refusing to take it. I won't even comment on the Maisie situation/problem. On the other hand, I adored Rhea and how she still doesn't take anyone's sh*t. 


This story moved along at a nice pace. That ending was mind blowing! I still don't know what to think because so many things went awry. The only thing going through my head was 'what the h*ll'. I'm just in denial. I refuse to believe it. It just CAN'T be. That being said, I'm off to start listening to the next/last book in this series.


The Audio Book:

I'm continuing to enjoy the audio books read by Cynthia Holloway in this series. The only problem I had with this reading was that I sometimes found myself thinking that Adam's voice was a little off. He almost sounded like a groggy voiced Sabina at times. I've listening to quite a few audio books and am just now finding myself nitpicking at the smallest details. Then again, maybe it's just me. It wasn't enough of a problem for me to stop the book and pick up a paperback of it.