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Audio Book Review: Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane #3) By Jaye Wells

Green-Eyed Demon - Jaye Wells


The first half of this book left a little to be desired, but the second half totally made up for it! 


  • Sabina was as stubborn as ever. It wasn't until the last few chapters that she understood that her, Adam and Giguhl were her family as well as friends. There was no need to become a martyr and go on an impossible mission where she would most likely get killed. Those last few scenes were so precious. My heart was in my throat when it was all over.


I adore Adam for so many reasons. One of them being his patience with Sabina in knowing that forcing a relationship on her would get them nowhere very quickly. I love how understanding he is and I do hope they manage to stay together and make it work because both are very hard headed when it comes to their actions in certain situations.


The supporting characters made themselves memorable to me in this book. As much as I wanted to strangle Madam Zen because of how snarky and not helpful she was being, she really brought something interesting to this story. PW was very quiet in the beginning, but after the attack in the house she made herself very memorable. Giguhl was amazing as ever. 


The ending had me from the beginning of the battle. The action was awesome and the turn out couldn't have been better. I almost cried when Adam got what he got. The good thing is that everything worked out in the end. 


The Audio Book:


I liked this reading of Silver-Tongued Devil. I only had one problem: The way every character pronounced 'New Orleans'. I'm from the Boston area and I just discovered New Yorker's (which is where all the main characters are from) pronounce 'New Orleans' in a very different way then I was taught. I eventually got used to it, but it took some time.