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Audio Book Review: The Mage In Black (Sabina Kane #2) By Jaye Wells

The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells


This book was a tad bit disappointing if I'm being honest. I got the rug swept from under me so many times that by the end I was just too numb to everything. Also the climax (the answer to almost every single problem) in this story was so anticlimactic.


Sabina was rolling with the punches since page one and all she got was the mage communities distrust in her and almost dying on various occasions. I was very annoyed by it all and couldn't wait for her to finally throw in the metaphorical towel (which she never did). 


Considering I'm Team Adam, I really, really, REALLY disliked Slade. It felt like he was a filler for most of the story. His only purpose seems to be to eventually get between Adam and Sabina in the presumably very near future. 


Maisie was one of the characters that I took a liking to in this novel. She was very understanding and open to accepting Sabina and helping her through the changes that were bound to happen while in the mage community. 


Overall, I enjoyed this novel, but it could have been better. I would love to see more of a relationship between Adam and Sabina form in the next novel. I'm also skeptical of the almost-but-not-quite cliffhanger that was the ending of this novel, so I will soldier on into the next book for answers.  

The Audio Book:


I think I got used to Cynthia Holloway's reading and didn't have a problem with voices not being recognizable to a certain characters this time around. This was very entertaining and I'm planning to continue on with the audio book in the next novel in this series.