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Audio Book Review: Reap The Shadows (Steel & Stone #4) By Annette Marie

Reap the Shadows - Marie Annette Brown


This book lived up to and surpassed my exorbitant expectations! I'm SO happy to say that. I can't wait for Book #5 to release as an audio book, so I can finally find out how everything ends. With that being said, I'm also a bit hesitant because I made the mistake of reading reviews on it and I think I may have spoiled myself. From what I've read the ending is a big and total f**k up and I don't want to be disheartened by it...Welcome to my existential crisis. Pleasure to meet you, I'm Mikky.


So back to the actual book....


Piper was as kickass as ever, but her "running" away from Ash was ridiculous considering what ended up happening. I adore them together. Why can't she see that they could work as a couple if she puts all of her insecurities and what-ifs behind her? Onto what happened to her mom, my answer is good riddance. Her mother left her at a young age, was involved in a plan that almost got Piper killed and it's implied in the novel that she may have a mental problem or two. So what is there to be sad about? Why the breakdown? P.S. I LOVED how she dealt with Samael.


Ash was as swoon worthy as ever in this book. I don't understand what's so wrong with him "saving" her, considering he's a fully trained and full blooded demon. She's always going to be less powerful than him. She will always be half demon and half human. Nor she, nor Ash can ever change that. 


Lyre continues to be very secretive and my interest is peaked. I want to know more about him and where he comes from. This was also touched upon in the novella (Book #3.5) in this series and there are still no answers. Depending on what Book #5 entails, I want a spin-off series for Lyre. Seiya is barely mentioned in this novel (which was a plus considering I don't necessarily like her), but she was friendlier and even offered up advice to Piper. 


In conclusion, I loved this book and will pick up the next one. If it doesn't go my way I don't know what I'll be capable of. I just hope I disagree with all the reviews I've read. 


The Audio Book:


This audio book was perfect and I loved Ash, Lyre and Samael's voices. Jorjeana Marie has a really big and interesting range when it comes to male voices.