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Book Review:

Dex (Kinky Shine Book 1) - Stephanie Witter


* I received an eARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.


This was a very entertaining rockstar romance. It was a quick and easy read. I enjoyed the story as a whole and I can't wait to find out what Maxen's story will be like. I have a small suspicion that it will involve Harley's BFF, but at this point, only the author knows. 


I liked Harley as a character. She has a backbone and stands up for herself, but doesn't come off as rude or annoying. I loved the scene when she first meets Dex. I was giggling like a mad woman all by myself, it probably looked like I was having a mental breakdown of some sort. 


I didn't love Dex at first, because of the aforementioned scene. I also didn't understand why he got so angry at Harley for keeping Maxen's secret from him for less than 24 hours. My dog has kept more secrets from me for much longer and you don't see him out on the streets all by himself. I'd also like the mention that they weren't even an "official" couple at the time, so she technically had no obligation to him whatsoever. After all that passed, I did warm up to him and I found the ending very sweet (but considering what happened, it was very rushed due to the time they were together).


In conclusion, I want to get to know Maxen and his dark past. I hope he'll live up to the expectations I'm already piling on for his story. I also hope to see Dex and Harley in future novels and get even more insight on how life is treating them as the "time" passes.


My Favorite Quote:


"Sometimes it was best to keep a made up opinion of someone you appreciate for their work because the real deal wasn't as thrilling."