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Book Review: Trial By Fire (Going Down in Flames #3) By Chris Cannon

Trial By Fire - Chris Cannon


* I received an eARC of this novel in exchange of an honest review.


I have such mixed feelings for the world that Mrs. Cannon created, yet I still want to read more about it. When I say mixed feelings, I don't mean it in a bad way. The world she created seems very sexist and has such idiotic 'social niceties' as rules that it makes me not feel so good reading about it. 


The only bright star in this novel is Bryn. She's the girl that seems to make everything happen even when the rest of the world prefer it to continue as is. I have warmed up to her grandparents, but I still can't shake the bad vibes I'm getting as I'm progressing through this series. The Directorate seems to be a bunch of men with sticks up their butts. I hate it that there have to be rebel groups to attack them for everyone to see that there's something wrong with the way they're leading the dragon population. My conspiracy theory is that the only way this series ends is with Bryn leading a well thought out revolution with marriage rights for everyone (compatible or not) and to integrate hybrids into society in a way people could get used to them existing once more (which the story did reveal) or she just up and leaves everything except her Knight behind.


I like Valmont, but I also dislike him (if that makes any sense). I like him as a character and what he brings to the story. What I find myself disliking is the weird should they or shouldn't they be together that's happening to him and Bryn. I'm not sure I want them to end up together because every little thing he says that even slightly offends Bryn, she starts with the threats of cremation. I'm not sure that's a very stable and healthy relationship. With that being said, I do want to know more about Knights and their Dragons because I do find it to be very interesting.


The ending killed me a little bit inside. Rihanna already had a lot to deal with in life and then that happens. Why was that necessary? I started imagining plot lines between Rihanna, Jaxon and Zane before he 'turned' and I found out that I really loved that possible dynamic and then the author happened. Now I'm curious to see the fall out of it all and how the story will continue.


My Favorite Quotes:


"We put up with their snotty behavior, while secretly fantasize about kneecapping them."


"What we have is something wonderful. Something worth holding on to. Something we shouldn't throw away based on insecurities and fear and the idiocy of the Directorate."


"You are like a pebble tossed into a pond, Everything you do and say creates ripples in dragon society."