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Book Review: Released (Eternal Balance #3) By Jus Accardo

Released (Eternal Balance) - Jus Accardo


* I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.


What an exhilarating ride! This story ends on a perfect note. I loved the epilogue in particular. After all the suffering spread out into 3 books Sam & Jax finally get their well deserved happily ever after.


Sam was so strong in this novel. Her personality just took on this stone cold resolve to outsmart a who-knows-how-old demon. She never stood a chance, but I can safely tell you that fate was on their side.


Jax has been in a very precarious situation since the first novel. In this conclusion, he's even worse off. The solution isn't clear until the almost end of the book. Everything is very bleak until that point. Just hang on, things get better. 


Sam & Jax also manage to make a witch friend along the way. Azi (AKA the demon who shares Jax's body) has a very surprising revelation, which will blow your mind and have you in tears by the end of it all. I've said this in the beginning and I'll repeat it however many times I can: What a perfect ending.


My Favorite Quotes:


"In my current state I wasn't sure I could throw shade at a kitten much less tackle a demon, but I'd always been a determined f*ker."


"[...] In a world where so many horrible things existed, so much pain and darkness, we'd found love."


"[...] Nothing in heaven or hell would ever take her away. They couldn't. She was mine and I was hers. Always had been - and alway would be."